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Medisco All About Lash Kit – Lash Lift & Brow Lamination


Medisco’s All About Lash Kit is a complete solution for effortlessly achieving professional lash lift and brow lamination results. It includes all the necessary tools (curling kit, glue, nourishing essence, perm stick and essential equipment) and step-by-step instructions for conducting both procedures.

With this all-in-one kit, therapists can deliver long-lasting results that endure for up to 6 weeks. Additional Lomansa perm glue (5ml – latex-free & formaldehyde-free) and mask available. Select your preferred quantity below.

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Product highlights

  • Comprehensive eyelash curling kit, including curling, fixing, and treatment essentials, from renowned manufacturer Medisco
  • Certified lash glue in accordance with strict South Korean safety standards, ensuring adhesive is suitable for professional use
  • A useful perm stick assists in eyelash shaping during lash lift procedures
  • The kit includes a nourishing essence to be used as an eyelash nutrient post-procedure, promoting lash health and enrichment
  • The kit also comes with a versatile selection of curling equipment, offering different sizes of silicone rods to fit a range of eyelash types, from weak and thin to voluminous

    Kit specifications

    Medisco’s All About Lash Kit offers a complete set of products and tools to perform effective brow lamination and lash lift procedures. This kit includes the following:

    1. Medisco All About Lash Curling Kit:
    Step 1: Curling (0.5g x 10) – Softens stiff eyelashes
    Step 2: Fixing (0.5 g x 10) – Fixes softened eyelashes into the desired curl
    Step 3: Treatment (0.5g x 10) – Delivers nutrients between the lash cuticles

    2. Medisco All About Lash Glue (5ml):
    Safe product certified by South Korean safety standards
    Highly adhesive; for expert use
    Features a convenient silicone brush
    Disclaimer: Adhesive strength deteriorates over time; use within 1-3 months of unpackaging and store carefully.

    3. Medisco All About Lash Nourishing Essence (5ml):
    Eyelash-exclusive nutrient for post-procedure nourishment
    Apply periodically for enriched and nourished eyelashes
    Easy-to-use mascara form factor

    4. Medisco All About Lash Perm Stick (1 unit):
    Assists in arranging and shaping eyelashes during a lash perm
    Semi-permanent; for enduring results

    5. Medisco All About Lash Curling Equipment:
    Medisco All About Lash Eyelash Rods (10 units) – 5 sizes for different eyelash lengths, made of tender silicone material for comfortable use
    Medisco All About Lash Silicone Pad (1 unit) – convenient for applying curling, fixing, and treatment
    Medisco All About Lash Mini Brush (10 units) – for organising eyebrows before and after a lash perm
    Medisco All About Lash Micro Cotton Swab (20 units) – for applying and removing curling, fixing, and treatment products with precision and ease


    Usage instructions:

    1. Begin by thoroughly removing eye makeup
    2. Next, eliminate any oil using lash shampoo or pre-treatment products
    3. Apply eye patches or tape to fully cover the bottom lashes
    4. Apply glue to the inner side of the perm rod and stick it onto the palpebral area
    5. Apply a small amount of glue onto the perm rod, and neatly fix the eyelashes to the rod using the perm stick. As the glue hardens quickly, apply small amounts multiple times while fixing the eyelashes. If the glue hardens before the eyelashes are organised, refrain from forcefully pulling the eyelashes. Instead, apply an additional layer of glue to fix the eyelashes. Pulling on eyelashes embedded in hardened glue can cause damage.
    6. Apply Step 1 (Curling) to a micro swab and then apply it to the eyelashes, ensuring they are at least 2mm away from the mucous membrane. Cover the eyelashes with the provided wrap and allow to sit for the following recommended times:
    – Weak and thin eyelashes: 10-12 minutes
    – Average eyelashes: 13 minutes
    – Thick eyelashes: 14-15 minutes
    Note: duration may vary based on eyelash thickness.
    7. After an appropriate amount of time has passed, use a cotton swab to carefully wipe away Step 1 (Curling) going in the direction from the root to tip, making sure not to remove the eyelashes from the perm rod. Apply the Fixing (Step 2) in the same manner. If the eyelashes are unintentionally removed from the perm rod, remove everything with wet cotton pads, fix the lashes to the perm rod using glue, and reapply the fixing cream. Step 2 is critical in shaping the eyelashes, so it is essential to fix the eyelashes to the perm rod before applying the Step 2 Fixing. (Step 2 Time: same as Step 1):
    – Weak and thin eyelashes: 10-12 minutes
    – Average eyelashes: 13 minutes
    – Thick eyelashes: 14-15 minutes
    Note: duration may vary based on eyelash thickness.

    8. After an appropriate amount of time has passed, carefully remove the Step 2 Fixing with a cotton swab, ensuring not to remove the eyelashes from the perm rod. Apply Step 3 and leave it untouched for 5 minutes.

    9. After 5 minutes, eliminate the treatment and glue with wet cotton pads. Remove the rod along with the tape or eye patch covering the bottom lashes.

    10. Use the mini brush to organise the eyelashes, and finish by applying the Nourishing Essence.

    Expiration and Precautions

    Products should be used within two years of their expiration date. Once opened, Curling, Fixing, and Treatment products should be used within two weeks. Glue should be used within 2-3 months of opening, and Nourishing Essence should be used within one year of opening.

    To ensure a successful curl, it’s important to consider the appropriate dosage and timing for both Curling and Fixing. For optimal lash health, it’s recommended to only have a lash lift once every 1-2 months, as repeated procedures may cause damage and frizzing. Care should also be taken to avoid getting the cream in the eyes or on the mucous membrane and to quickly remove it with a swab if this occurs. If the initial results are unsatisfactory, it’s best to avoid an immediate re-procedure.

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    Full Set, Lomansa Perm Glue + Mask

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