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Soonsu Shining Peel – Single | Box of 5 x 6ml


The Soonsu Shining Peel is an innovative, blended TCA-based skin peel that contains both oil and water. With a host of additional actives, including AHAs, BHAs, PHAs, vitamins and Retinol, its oily content helps prevent oxidation and degradation of the peel’s active ingredients whilst forming a nourishing barrier that protects newly resurfaced skin.

This low-downtime peel results in minor flaking, renewing lacklustre, photodamaged, breakout-prone and aged skin without unwanted side effects.

Select a single 1 x 6ml vial or a box of 5 x 6ml (save 15%).

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Product highlights

Soonsu Shining Peel’s potent formula brightens pigmentation and rejuvenate facial skin, addressing post-breakout marks and enlarged pores. It’s not limited to the face, either; the Peel is ideal for exfoliating skin on the neck and chest area, as well as other body areas like the elbows. It can also help alleviate dry skin as well as breakout-prone, oily skin.

Ingredient highlights

  • Powerful formula with a blend of TCA (35%), AHA, BHA, PHA, Vitamins, Retinol and Arginine
  • Combines resurfacers such as Retinol and Vitamin C with ingredients such as Vitamin B12, Squalene and Proline to simultaneously nourish, soothe and hydrate the skin
  • AHA, PHA, and BHA exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores for a more radiant, clearer complexion
  • Suitable for all skin types – from dry to oily – and safe to use on the face and body
  • Application

  • One facial treatment: 1.5-2ml required; hands: 2-3ml; chest and neck: 3ml. To prepare, shake thoroughly before use
  • Application: draw out the amount required using a syringe. Massage into the skin using circular motions, starting with the forehead. Ensure an even application throughout, avoiding contact with the eyes
  • Leave on for up to 10 minutes before cleansing away with non-woven pads soaked in water
  • Follow with a glutathione-based SPF of at least 50
  • Recovery:

  • For the first 24 hours following treatment with Soonsu Shining Peel, high temperatures and high impact exercise should be avoided
  • A tingling or burning sensation may occur upon application and thereafter for several hours; this is normal and self-resolves
  • Flaking and erythema may occur in the days following; this can take up to 5 days to self-resolve
  • Protect exposed areas of skin with an SPF of at least 50
  • Keep the skin hydrated and protected during recovery with a suitable aftercare cream
    Product disclaimer: For information on risks and side effects, read the box’s leaflet inserts and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Any advice given is from the manufacturer and acts as a guide only; individual suitability and treatment frequency must be pre-assessed. As body chemistry varies, effectiveness and reactions may also differ. Intended for use by professionals. Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those with a known allergy to any of Soonsu’s ingredients. Store at room temperature below 25°.

    Additional information


    Cosmo Derma, Inc


    Key ingredients: TCA 35% AHA, BHA, PHA, Vitamin C, Retinol


    Enclosed in box, Loose items without box


    Box of 5, 1 x 6ml

    Shelf Life

    2 years from date of manufacture

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