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MesoEye C71® – 1 x 1ml


With its combination of powerful active ingredients including periorbital Peptide XP2, Hexapeptide 17, and DRMC Complex, MesoEye C71® is a breakthrough product by ABG Lab that provides an intense remedy for undereye bags and dark circles. With its biodegradable and viscoelastic formula, C71® vastly improves the tone and texture of fragile under eye skin, stimulating microvessel perfusion in order to remedy the root causes of tear trough deformity.

1ml per syringe; 33g needle recommended (not included). Select your preferred quantity below.

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Product highlights

  • Injectable viscoelastic gel: sterile, biodegradable, non-pyrogenic
  • With two patented peptides and DRMC dermomodulatory complex (amino acids, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, nucleosides)
  • Reduces under eye bags and minimises dark circles
  • Treats skin laxity under the eye by means of stimulating collagen production
  • Encourages microvessel perfusion, which increases blood flow and lymphatic drainage
  • 1ml per syringe; three to six treatment courses may be needed


    MesoEye C71® is designed for adults aged 21 and over. It improves microvessel perfusion in skin tissue and aims to correct age-related changes in the tear trough, including under eye bags, sagging skin, and dark circles.

  • Using a 33g needle (not included in the box), hold the glass syringe barrel and luer-lok adaptor securely with your thumb and forefinger, whilst simultaneously grasping the needle shield with your other hand. Ensure proper assembly by applying pressure and rotating the components as necessary
  • Treatment should be prescribed based on indications and the patient’s age; a minimum course of 3 is recommended, with a maximum of 6
  • Remove makeup before the procedure and treat the skin three times with an alcohol/chlorhexidine solution before the administration of MesoEye C71®. Local skin desensitising cream may also be used if required
  • Upon administration, press the syringe plunger until any pockets of air escape, and a small droplet of the solution is visible at the tip
  • Using a thin gauge needle (33g), introduce MesoEye to the periorbital area using a superficial micropalpular technique, 1-2 mm deep, with the bevel up. The amount should be 0.05 mL per point
  • For treatment of persistent edema in the periorbital region and periorbital herniation, 0.1 mL volume per point should be administered directly into the herniated sac, 2-4 mm deep
  • The maximum recommended dose is 1.0 ml per session (0.5ml per undereye region)
  • Treatments should be carried out at 7-10 day intervals, 3-6 in total
  • Maintenance treatments can be undertaken according to specific indications and clinical observations


    Contraindications include individuals who have a history of severe allergies or anaphylaxis, those who have experienced previous hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid or any previous reaction to C71’s active ingredients, those with bleeding disorders, and product administration in areas other than the dermis.

    Delay treatment in areas where there is an active inflammatory response or skin eruptions until these have resolved. Before administration, review the client’s medical history to identify indications and contraindications – including allergies and tissue sensitivity.

    High doses of Vitamin A or E supplements, aspirin, or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications should be avoided before treatment, as these can increase bleeding or bruising at the administration site(s). Sites should also not be exposed to severe cooling, indoor tanning, or sauna/steam baths shortly before treatment.

    MesoEye’s intense regenerative effect and restoration of blood supply to the skin can decrease the efficacy of toxin injections. Therefore, it’s recommended to avoid anti-wrinkle (toxin) injections 14 days before and 14 days after MesoEye C71 treatments.

    MesoEye may be administered 14 days prior or 14 after dermal filler injections. If administered afterwards, take care to avoid the site(s) of HA fillers.

    For Gluconic peeling, a minimum wait of 24 hours should be undertaken before the peel. For Glycolic peeling, a 7-day interval between C71 and peeling is recommended. Medium-depth peeling, on the other hand, requires a 14-day interval between treatment and peeling, and deeper peels should only be undertaken after a minimum 30 day time lapse.


    Following treatment, it is recommended to avoid makeup for at least 24 hours. Protect treatment sites from exposure to wind and frost. During the course of treatment, it is important to refrain from using indoor tanning beds, saunas, and steam baths. Lastly, strenuous physical activity or sports should be avoided for at least 48 hours post-treatment, as these may cause temporary redness, swelling, or itching at the treated site(s).

    Additional information

    Weight0.044 kg
    Dimensions18.7 × 7 × 3.3 cm

    ABG Lab


    Key ingredients: Peptide XP2, Hexapeptide 17, DRMC Complex


    Enclosed in box

    Shelf Life

    2 years from date of manufacture


    1 box (1ml syringe)

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