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Skin Peel Applicator Fan Brushes – White


These white Skin Peel Applicator Fan Brushes have multiple use cases in beauty and aesthetics procedures, functioning primarily as skin peel applicators. Soft to the touch, they facilitate the smooth application of modeling masks, resurfacing solutions and post-treatment serums.

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Product highlights

By incorporating the use of a Fan Brush into skin peel applications, practitioners can achieve precise, controlled, and efficient delivery of chemical peel solutions. This approach enhances the overall treatment experience whilst promoting the desired skin rejuvenation effects, minimising the risk of adverse outcomes.

  • A convenient skin peel, mask and serum applicator for a more even application
  • Crafted with high-density, fine fibre hairs forming a wide, fan-shaped contact surface
  • The brush handle is made from high transparency plastic, reinforced by an aluminium tube
  • Premium materials: no shedding of hair

    Product Specifications

  • Product material: Fibre, aluminium tube, plastic handle
  • Product colour: White
  • Size: 14.8cm overall length x 4cm width (fan) with a 9cm handle

    Use Cases

    1. Precision application: Use the Fan Brush to precisely apply chemical peel solutions to targeted areas of skin. The wide, flat bristles of the fan brush enable even distribution of the solution whilst ensuring its uniform application without pooling or excess product buildup.

    2. Controlled coverage: With the Fan Brush, practitioners can maintain control over the coverage of the peel solution, ensuring consistent application and avoiding unintended overlap onto untreated areas. This controlled approach helps minimise the risk of uneven results and ensures each area receives an appropriate amount of product.

    3. Minimise waste: The design of the Fan Brush promotes efficient use of the peel solution, as the bristles are adept at holding and transferring the product with minimal waste. This contributes to cost-effectiveness and reduces the likelihood of product overuse during application.

    4. Enhanced client experience: The soft bristles can contribute to a comfortable application experience for the client, minimising the discomfort often associated with traditional application methods. The gentle, sweeping motion of the Fan Brush can also help avoid further skin irritation during the application process.

    Additional information




    Fibre, Aluminium, Plastic


    14.8cm Length x 4cm Width (fan) with a 9cm handle


    Enclosed in packet, Loose items without box


    Single, Pack of 3

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