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blunt tip micro cannula for fillers

Why Use a Blunt Tip Micro Cannula for Fillers?

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The thought of using a blunt tip micro cannula for fillers may be intimidating if you’ve never done it before, but with the right approach, they can help you achieve excellent results safely.

Despite the popular changeover from needles to micro cannulas, there’s a certain amount of debate that surrounds the use of a blunt tip micro cannula for fillers as opposed to needle-based injection methods. In truth, it depends primarily on the level of experience an individual has with using micro cannulas, and from a cosmetic standpoint, the end goal of any dermal filler treatment. Here, we outline some of the key benefits of using micro cannula devices instead of needles.


Benefits of Using Blunt Tip Microcannulas


Blunt Tip Micro Cannula For Fillers with Introducer Needle

1. Safety

One of their main benefits relates to safety. The proper use of micro cannulas not only prevents significant bleeding, bruising and post-treatment discomfort from occurring, they also lessen the risk of vascular occlusion – a dreaded complication that can arise after dermal filler placement. This is because their blunt tip avoids piercing important vessels and arteries, significantly minimising the potential for a vascular occlusion to occur.

What’s more, a micro cannula allows for a greater level of control over injection technique. By ‘fanning’ the dermal filler, it’s easier to avoid unwanted side effects such as lumps or asymmetry. When injecting viscous dermal fillers with larger gauge needles, it can be more difficult to manage the outcome; it’s easy to end up injecting too deeply or unevenly (bolus injections). Micro cannulas effectively solve these problems.

Finally, micro cannulas are easy to dispose of and their blunt tips have less contamination potential.

2. Less Pain

A blunt tip microcannula requires the use of an insertion needle, also known as an ‘introducer’. After an entry point is made, the insertion of the cannula and injection of dermal filler is a virtually pain free process. It doesn’t take as much time to administer dermal filler using a micro cannula, and the limited number of needle marks left on the skin enables those who have been treated to return to their normal lives quicker.

3. Less Trauma To The Skin

The skin around the eyes, for example, is delicate and highly vascular; administering filler with a needle to this area can heighten levels of discomfort, not to mention the potential for undesirable side effects. A blunt tip microcannula for fillers facilitates the application of small aliquots of filler, making it less traumatic. In addition, patients report that they feel less pain in sensitive areas when a blunt tip micro cannula for fillers is used.

4. Less Expensive

Overall costs relating to micro cannula usage can be much lower than using multiple needles, which can quickly become blunt and must be replaced at regular intervals during one treatment session. Even if more filler is required per treatment, using a micro cannula ensures that the cost of disposables remains reasonable.

At Glow Up Supply, we offer sterile, stainless steel micro cannulas at both single and bulk value prices of up to 25% off the recommended retail price, which makes treatments even more economical in the long run.

5. Better Sculpting Possibilities

A micro cannula for fillers allows for precise facial and body sculpting with less effort; it’s perfect for use with all types of dermal fillers, and the availability of different gauges and lengths makes it an ideal way to perform almost any type of filler procedure, from superficial to deep-level injections. In turn, more natural-looking results can be achieved and it’s possible to complete more procedures in less time than it would otherwise take.

6. Easier To Use Than A Needle

A micro cannula is flexible and easy to manoeuver underneath the skin, making it easy to apply just enough product to any given area. They are versatile and can be used to treat broad areas such as the cheeks, or smaller areas such as the nasolabial folds. Indeed, micro cannulas aren’t just for dermal fillers; they can also be used with mesotherapy cocktails and skin boosters. Little to no discomfort can be felt, meaning that less ‘breaks’ are required between injection points and pre-treatment skin desensitisation isn’t always needed.


What Should I Look For in a Blunt Tip Micro Cannula For Fillers?

Microcannulas come in different gauges and sizes. We offer gauges from 18g to 30g in lengths ranging from 50mm to 70mm; depending on the nature of the dermal filler used and the area of injection, a larger or smaller size may be required.

micro cannula for dermal fillers
A sterile, single-use cannula with introducer for less pain, less bruising, a shorter recovery period and only one point of entry

Our blunt tip micro cannulas feature graduation marks that form an important visual guide. These marks indicate how deep the micro cannula is inserted, which is important for controlling injection depth; unintended deep-level injections can cause undesirable side effects.

Their material is also important; we stock medical-grade stainless steel micro cannulas that are both sterile and disposable. Our micro cannulas are flexible yet strong enough to withstand multiple insertions.



Whilst both can be used to provide dermal filler injections, the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some indications are best treated with needle-based techniques, such as superficial acne scars and Russian lip techniques. However, it’s clear that blunt tip micro cannulas offer distinct advantages over traditional injection devices. Should you need any advice regarding our available micro cannulas, feel free to get in touch with our support team during operational hours and we’ll be glad to help!

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