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benefits of cindella drip

Understanding the Benefits of Cindella

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benefits of cindella
Cindella Set

Why Cindella?

Many professional K-beauty products focus on skin clarity. Whilst a brighter, more even toned skin can be achieved with a dedicated skincare regime or even certain cosmetic skin procedures, some may find these approaches limited or time-consuming. 

Cindella is actually the brand name of a three-part set by Daehan, a well-recognised South Korean company. However, such is the popularity of this treatment that the name ‘Cindella’ (and also ‘Cinderella’) are colloquially used in Korea and elsewhere to refer to treatments that involve three specific ingredients.


What are the ingredients?

Thioctic acid, vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and glutathione. These antioxidants are naturally present in the human body, albeit at fairly low levels.

During a Cindella treatment, these ingredients are delivered directly into the body; unlike cosmetic skincare, this is not a surface-level approach that targets a specific area.

As each ingredient is typically contained in a separate ampoule and/or vial, they must first be prepared and thereafter, delivered together or in sequence.


How does Cindella work?

Cindella’s three ingredients  – thioctic acid, vitamin C and glutathione – work synergistically. Together, they have long-term aesthetic benefits when it comes to anti-ageing and pigmentation reduction.



Thioctic acid is an antioxidant. It is water soluble, scavenges free radicals and can even influence glutathione production. In many cases, thioctic acid may be undertaken to help to boost the antioxidant effects of glutathione.



A common cause of unwanted skin pigmentation is exposure to UV rays. Vitamin C is an ingredient that can inhibit enzymes related to its production. It’s also an antioxidant that’s capable of decreasing oxidative stress and an important precursor to collagen production. 

Like thioctic acid and glutathione, it has anti-ageing benefits for the skin and in combination with glutathione, it forms a double act. It helps to protect glutathione, whilst glutathione – in turn – helps to recycle vitamin C. 

Soluble vitamin C is naturally unstable and oxidises easily. However, some Vitamin C formulas are compounded in ways that aim to slow down this ingredient’s degradation. For example, sodium sulfite can help ascorbic acid maintain its potency. With any vitamin C product, it’s important to ensure that it’s contained in vacuum-sealed, tinted vials to protect it from oxygen and light.



Glutathione is an amino acid that acts as an important antioxidant within the body. Its concentration decreases with age, which increases our skin’s susceptibility to oxidative stress and ageing.

In the body, glutathione can block ROS (reactive oxygen species) that can contribute to skin ageing. Like vitamin C, it also provides natural sun protection.

The positive disruption it causes also prevents melanin from being synthesised. In the body, glutathione binds to tyrosinase and prevents it from accessing copper. This process forms the basis of glutathione’s potential influence on unwanted skin pigmentation.



Treatments must be avoided in those with known allergies to thioctic acid, vitamin C or glutathione. They also may not be suitable for all skin conditions and concerns; if in doubt, a qualified practitioner should be consulted. 

Nausea is Cindella’s most common side effect. Administering the treatment slowly (over the course of around 30 minutes) can help avoid this unwanted effect. Stomach cramps may also occur on account of the ingredient vitamin C, which can be administered at a lower concentration if desired.

Adequate hydration before and after undertaking a Cindella treatment is important. It’s advisable to drink at least a half to one litre of water around an hour or so beforehand.

If natural skin pigmentation is on the darker end of the scale, it may take more frequent treatments to notice significant results. 

Once desired effects are obtained, maintenance may be required to sustain results. The body will continue to produce melanin naturally; therefore, no cosmetic brightening treatment can ever be defined as ‘permanent’.

Without maintenance, the skin will gradually revert, although some anti-ageing and anti-melanogenic benefits may persist. 



Cindella isn’t typically used to fade stand-out areas of pigmentation. It’s a better option for those who want to brighten their overall complexion at the same time as reducing areas of pigmentation at the same rate.



It’s possible to take these ingredients for the purposes of supporting wellbeing and detoxification Typically, free radicals move from vitamin C, to thioctic acid, to glutathione in the body – so supplementing all three may be the right course of action for some.

Glutathione’s cleansing properties are well known. In order to fight free radicals, the body may rely on stores of vitamin C or glutathione. In the body, thioctic acid activates a protein that binds to glutathione and works as an antioxidant.

A lesser concentration of glutathione can be beneficial in maintaining overall wellness levels. For skin tone enhancement, a higher concentration or a more frequent intake may be required.



Cindella has no downtime. Normal activities can be resumed immediately; an increase in energy levels may even be noted. However, it may take several weeks and more than one treatment to appreciate a cosmetic difference.



Partly-used Vitamin C contained in vials with their rubber seals attached should be stored away from sunlight in a dark, cool environment for later use. Its potency can degrade by up to 10% in 96 hours, so it is recommended to use it within a week after opening.

As glutathione tends to lose its potency, it should be administered directly after preparation. Any unused active ingredient should be discarded.


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