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clinell universal wipes - guide for use

Spring Clean Your Treatment Area with Clinell

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Give your treatment area a spring clean with Clinell! With an extensive range of cleaning, disinfection and sanitising products to help keep your workspace spick and span, Clinell products are clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria and prevent infection – the perfect solution for salons, clinics and practitioners alike.

By taking a few simple steps, you can make sure your treatment area is spotless, hygienic and safe – with procedures conducted according to high clinical standards.

The importance of cleaning and disinfecting your treatment area

Optimal levels of hygiene are vital for all salon, clinic and practitioner environments. Poorly disinfected treatment areas, inadequate preparation of the skin and contaminated devices can lead to the spread of germs and bacteria, amongst other health and safety risks. As such, it’s essential that a comprehensive cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising system is in place at all times.

How the Clinell range can help

Eliminate worry by using high-quality products that have been clinically proven to kill bacteria and viruses. Clinell’s range, a mainstay of the UK’s NHS, provides innovative wipes and products for surfaces, devices and skin sanitisation – all designed to maintain the highest levels of hygiene.

Perfect for keeping on top of clinic health and safety demands, Clinell’s efficient surface wipes and sprays benefit from an alcohol-free formula, making them far kinder to surfaces than traditional cleaning products. Clinell’s handy device cleaning wipes further minimise the risk of cross-contamination from frequently-used tools and equipment.

Additionally, Clinell’s skin wipes, antimicrobial hand wipes and hand sanitising gel help practitioners to better prepare in advance of client treatments. Many of these products have been dermatologically tested, making them safe for use on the skin and ideal for use in conjunction with almost all salon and clinic procedures.

Clinell’s range is not only powerful enough to reduce the risk of infection but also helps to create a safe environment for visitors, which in turn helps to increase client trust and encourage repeat custom.

The benefits of using Clinell’s surface wipes

Make the cleaning process easy in-between appointments, when time is at a premium, with Clinell’s Universal surface wipe packs. These come pre-wetted with powerful detergent and disinfectant solutions, requiring no mixing or measuring in advance. They are also quick-drying and require no additional rinsing.

Designed to be gentle on surfaces yet tough on germs, Clinell’s Universal Wipes come in various quantities and thicknesses. They’re suitable for cleaning large areas as well as small, hard-to-reach areas – including worktops, treatment couches, massage chairs, touchpoints such as door handles, and beauty salon equipment. For the environmentally conscious, Clinell’s range also includes biodegradable surface wipes, enclosed in recyclable packaging.

How to use Clinell Universal Wipes for surfaces

It is important to remember that regular cleaning alone is not enough to maintain adequate hygiene standards – disinfecting and sanitising are equally as important. It’s therefore crucial to use disinfectants and sanitisers between appointments. By taking this step, you can be sure that your workspace and shared equipment (such as treatment couches) remain hygienic at all times

To use Clinell’s Universal wipes, simply pull out one wipe from the pack and apply it to the surface. For best results, it is recommended to rub the wipe over the surface in an ‘S’ shaped pattern, working from top to bottom and wiping from clean to dirty areas. Leave the surface to air dry for 30 seconds before discarding the wipe in an appropriate waste bin. Use one wipe per surface.

clinell universal wipes - guide for use

Affording an extra method of protection, Clinell’s Universal formula is also available as a portable 60ml disinfectant spray, which can help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination on the go. For those who desire maximum efficiency, dual-purpose hand and surface wipes are also available in packs of 84.


At Glow Up Supply, you can find everything you need to keep your salon or clinic hygienic, including wipes, sprays and sanitisers.

Designed to provide superior performance at an affordable price, Clinell’s professional-grade products are easy to use and offer great value for money. Whether you’re looking for a one-off product or a regular supply, we have everything you need to keep your workspace in tip-top condition.

Ensure your clinic environment is up to scratch with the help of Clinell; shop the range today and start protecting your clients and staff. All orders under £25 qualify for low-cost £3.99 delivery within the UK.

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